Introduction: Espresso Yourself Happy Apron

Have a plain ole apron hanging around? Turn it into a cheerful creation with some scraps of fabric and yarn.


The materials for this project are as follows:

An apron.

Fabric scraps. Some fusible webbing. Yarn scraps. A yarn needle.

Step 1: Making the Pattern

Trace or make a drawing of the coffee cup, and cut out the pattern.

Step 2: Fabric and Fusible Interfacing

Cut out the pattern out of fabric which has been ironed to fusible interfacing for support.

Step 3: Positioning and Anchoring of the Fabric

Position the fabric on the apron with room for the steam stiches to come out of the cup. approx 6 inches from the neckline. Baste in place to anchor it during stitching.

Step 4: The Blanket Stitch

Use a matching or alternate color yarn to stitch around the cup for a decorative look.

The blanket stitch was used surrounding the cup. The process involves bringing the needle up from the apron, next to the fabric cup and then over onto the cup to make a stitch then again going under and over the edges of the design til the end where you will then loop it into the first stitch, bring it back under the apron and secure with a knot.

Step 5: The Smiley Face

Add a smiley with pencil for a stitch guide. For the eyes, using black yarn make a log straight stitch down the middle of the eye and two slightly smaller ones on each side of the center stitich. Keep stitches loose, to prevent fabriic from puckering. For the smile, start at one end with two small stitches and then use a stem stitch to make the smile ending with two more straight stitches to form the end of the smile.

Step 6: The Steam

Make a drawing of steam coming out of the cup. Using a contrasting color yarn, gray was used in this project, start stitching along the line, loosely, using the backstitch, Secure the thread at the back of the apron after the last stitch.

Step 7: Enjoy Cooking With Your Finished Product!

Step 8:

Be creative and add a clever phrase or personalize it with your name using fabric markers or embroidery.

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