Introduction: "Essentials" List Tote Bag

Items that will be needed for this project
Blank Canvas Tote Bag
Pre cut out letters (preferably plastic so they don't warp due to moisture) these can be found in the scrapbook section of your local craft store
Inkodye by Lumi
Empty Spray Bottle
pane of glass (can be taken from an old picture frame, I often buy cheap frames from local thrift shops just for the glass)
something to place inside of the bag to create a flat surface (i have used cardboard, childrens placemats, magazines: note anything paper will become warped due to moisture)

Step 1: Step 1

Place bag on a flat surface with magazine, cardboard or plastic placemat inside to separate the the front and back layers. If you want to dye both sides of the bag this will keep the dye from seeping through the side of the bag that is facing down.

Step 2: Step 2

Attach letters on the bag in a list format with whatever Essential Items you would want to carry inside the bag

(in my example, i chose items that i would want at a Disney Parks vacation, so i listed 6 items that were my favorite items)

Step 3: Step 3

using a 1:3 ratio add 1oz of dye & 3oz of water to spray bottle. Swirl (do not shake, as shaking will cause bubbles which will not spray well) after swirling water around to mix with the dye, begin priming the spray bottle by pulling trigger until the water/dye mixture sprays evenly. 

Spray water/dye mixure over the entire surface of the bag covering the letters you previously laid down. Make sure the entire surface has an even coat of spray and is completely covered.

Step 4: Step 4`

Allow water/dye mixture to develop in sunlight as directed on Inkodye bottle.
Developing conditions can change due to available sunlight, on an overcast cloudy day, prepare to let the dye develop for an hour or more. On a very sunny day the process may take 15-20 minutes.
Richness of color in the dye is personal preference. 

Step 5: Step 5

Once dye has completely developed to your liking, take the bag with letters still attached, to a darkly lit kitchen or area with a sink, and begin to remove the letters. (the darkened room helps keep the unexposed dye (beneath the letters) from developing)

Once all letters are removed, wash the empty bag in the sink with hot water and detergent (for best results use Inko Wash detergent by Lumi. A little of this goes a very long way so be sure to read instructions on the bottle for the amount of detergent needed per wash load.  And rinse with cold water, and repeat as necessary,

It is very important to remove all dye from the fabric as any dye leftover can continue to develop and will darken over time.

(note: washing machine can be used, I prefer to wash in the sink because i can wash it and create fewer wrinkles in the canvas by avoiding crinkling of the fabric as i wash it. I try to keep it as flat as possible.)

Step 6: Step 6

Once washed, place bag in dryer, until completely free of moisture. Once dry, the bag will be ready to use and take with you wherever you need.

If washed in a washing machine, or if crinkled to much when washing out the dye, you may need to iron out any wrinkles that may be on the bag. 

Enjoy your one of a kind "essentials" list tote bag

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