Introduction: Etched Glass Snow Globe

Recommended for ages 18 and up. In this set of instructions you will be using a sharp razor, hot glue, and a chemical etching cream.

Snow globes are a signature décor item during the winter holiday season. We see them on television, in our homes, and in every store. However, snow globes are getting fancier and therefore more expensive. Our solution to this problem is to learn how to make your own. A homemade snow globe not only is a way to customize how you express your love for the holidays, but it also adds a charm that you just cannot buy.

Step 1: Gather Your Things (Materials)

Etching Materials:

Armour Etch (can be found at a craft store such as Michael’s and Hobby Lobby)

Latex gloves (If you are allergic to latex, any plastic gloves will work, but we used latex)

Painter’s tape

Popsicle sticks

Letter stickers of your choosing

Smooth glass jar with lid

Glass cleaner (Isopropyl rubbing alcohol is preferred over regular glass cleaner)

Paper Towels

Snow Globe Materials:
Glass etched Jar with sealable top

Water to go in the Jar


Expressions Glycerin 8 fl oz bottle



Utility knife

Hot Glue Gun

Hot Glue Sticks

Popsicle stick

Piece of paper

Step 2: Prepare and Clean the Jar

● Clean the glass jar thoroughly using a paper towel soaked with isopropyl alcohol (rubbing alcohol)

● Rub jar dry with a dry paper towel

Step 3: Stickers

● Turn the jar upside down (the opening of the jar facing the table top)

● Apply stickers to the jar, spelling out desired word or phrase

● Be sure that the stickers stick completely so the etching cream cannot get under it

Step 4: Prepare to Etch

● Create a box of tape around the letters to isolate the etching cream to the center of the box

● Whatever jar is left exposed in the center of the box will be what appears etched on finished product

● Be sure to leave enough space between the sides of letters for etching!

Step 5: Apply the Etching Cream

● Put gloves on

● Use the popsicle stick to apply a thin layer of Armour Etch to fill the inside of the box (created with tape) and over the sticker letters that are inside the tape box

● Carefully wipe any spilled Armour Etch with a paper towel and dispose into a garbage can

● Wait about 5 minutes (over 5 minutes will not damage the project)

● During this step, occasionally tap or swirl the etching cream again to ensure there are no air pockets under the cream

● Do this gently so as to not mess up the stickers or tape

● Rinse off with hot tap water in the sink, using gloved hands to wipe the cream away

● Be sure that this is a stainless steel sink (not a porcelain sink)

● Once etching cream is washed completely off, use the water to help peel off the stickers and tape

● All done!

Step 6: Preparing the Jar

● Separate the lid from the jar

● Fill the jar to the base of the mouth with water

● Measure out 2 cap fulls of glycerin and pour into the jar of water

● Plug hot glue gun into outlet with glue stick inserted

● Place sheet of paper under hot glue gun for excess glue drips

Step 7: Adding the Decorations

● Unscrew lid from the jar

● In the center of the inside-facing side of the lid, score the surface with the utility knife

● Brush off debris from scoring

● Hot glue base of figurine to the scored portion of the lid (see video for more help)

● Let glue set and dry for 7 minutes

Step 8: Glitter!

● Pour in glitter (as much as your heart desires without overflowing the jar)

● Stir the glitter with a popsicle stick

Step 9: And Put It All Together Now

● Take lid with the figurine and screw the lid back onto the jar

● Make sure the lid is secured tight so no water can seep out

Step 10: Shake, Shake, Shake

● Appreciate what you made!

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