Introduction: Ethiopian Warrior Skullboy

The 1st step of this process i gathered reference images from tags such as Ethiopian, Warrior, Skull, Tribal, Child, Etc. I then compiled the reference images while modeling out this character in the 3d modeling program zbrush.

The 2nd step of this process i exported the model out of zbrush as an STL file sized at 3.5 in tall including base. I then ran the file in a catalyst program that sends the model to the 3d printer with the end result being an ABS plastic psychical 3d model. 

The 3rd step of this process i resized my model so that the boy would be sized at 3.5 in tall without the base so that i could print the file in a stainless steel metal and get the most material for my buck. 

Step 4 is having both my rapid prototyped plastic model with the base attached, as well as having the final stainless steel model of skull boy with an ABS plastic base to compare and contrast the technologies used in each model.

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