Introduction: Everfresh No-spill Brush and Pen Cleaner

Create a container that always provides fresh water or cleaning solution and won't spill!


Empty ACT Kids no-spill fluoride mouthwash bottle.
Needlenose pliers.

Step 1: Remove Labels.

Peel the labels from the bottle. This brand is especially nice because the labels peel off cleanly and leave no residue. Use a permanent marker to label the bottle so it's not mistaken for mouthwash!

Step 2: Remove Stopper.

With the needlenose pliers, remove the stopper. Grab it and rock it slowly back and forth and it should come loose with a POP.

Step 3: Add Your Cleaner.

Add water for watercolor brush cleaning. Here I'm adding Windex which works really great for cleaning pens when you're drawing with India ink. For acrylic paints, you might want to have two bottles, one with a light detergent and the other with clean water for rinsing.

Step 4: Replace the Stopper.

Put the stopper back in. Work it back and forth, pushing with the needlenose pliers until it pops into place.

Step 5: Fill Reservoir.

Squeeze the bottle until the liquid reaches the fill line on the reservoir. What's really neat about this bottle is that even if you do a little too much, the excess drains back so that you will always have a level right at the fill line.

Step 6: Clean Pen or Brush.

Step 7: Discard Used Solution.

This method works great because you only dispose of the amount of solution in the reservoir, and the rest in the bottle remains perfectly fresh! Plus, it won't spill if you knock the bottle over! Then, just squeeze the bottle again to refill.

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