Introduction: Customisable Traditional Looking Display

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Hey all,

In this instructable, I will be showing you how to make a traditional-looking display that you can use in your home workplace, etc. This will especially suit restaurants because you can display the food items available in the restaurant through this amazing low-cost display made with strip lights. So let's see how to make it.


  1. Strip lights (2 nos)
  2. Forex board/ multi wood/ plywood
  3. Glue
  4. Knife
  5. Oil lamp
  6. 12V 2A power adapter
  7. Soldering iron and accessories

Step 1: Make a Frame for Glass

Make a frame for the glass such that the thickness of the frame is greater than or equal to the glass thickness.

Step 2: Front Panel Frame

Make the front panel frame and glue the previously made glass frame to the backside of it.

Step 3: Decoration of Front Panel

Cut out right-angled triangles and paste it to the vertices of the front panel. You can try different models.

Step 4: Make the Edges

Cover the edges of the display panel using forex board pieces cut to shape.

Step 5: Strip Light Installation

I took two strip lights operating at 12V 2A. So I also took a power adapter of the same rating. Connect the strip lights together and connect it to the power adapter. Then fix the lights on the top and bottom positions inside the box of the display.

Step 6: Apply Smoke on the Glass

Fire up an oil lamp and show the glass to the outer flame so that black residue will get deposited on the glass surface

Caution: (glass should be perfectly dry, do not overheat the glass, do not touch the glass while showing it to flame).

Step 7: Write Your Text

Write the text you want to write on the face where you applied the carbon residue. you can write it using your finger or by using a small painting brush. The text should be written as a mirror image of the exact text. Then place it on the glass frame in the display box and apply glue to the edges of the glass.

Step 8: Cover the Box

Cover the backside of the display box using a piece of forex board

Step 9: Light It Up!

Power on the display and see the beauty of the display that you have made. You can even display drawings in it. Make the best out of the concept.

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