Introduction: When Day Breaks Photoshop Tutorial

At the end we will have something like this

Step 1: When Day Breaks Photoshop Tutorial

For this tutorial, you will need 3 things

  • An image of a landscape
  • An image of a warehouse, or other large industrial type building
  • Adobe Photoshop

I will include the 2 photos that I used for my example.

HD Download links:



Step 2: Breaking the Sky

Select the sky using the quick selection tool. Then create a hue and saturation adjustment layer on it.

Step 3: Breaking the Sky

Set hue to +145, saturation to +100, and keep lightness at 0.

Step 4: Breaking the Sky

Create a new layer at the top, and make it completely black, and set the opacity of the layer to 25%

Step 5: Breaking the Sky

Select the background layer, then select the land with the quick selection tool. Create a black and white adjustment layer.

Step 6: Breaking the Sky

Set the reds to -50, the yellows to -80, the greens to -200, the cyans to 60, the blues to 20, and the magentas to 80.

Step 7: Breaking the Sun

Create a new document with dimensions of 2000x2000

Step 8: Breaking the Sun

Create a white circle using the shape tool and move it to the center. On a lower layer, create a second yellow circle that is big enough that the edges touch the edges of the canvas. The yellow should be R: 255 G: 229 B: 1

Step 9: Breaking the Sun

Set the fill for the yellow circle to a radial gradient.

Step 10: Breaking the Sun

Create 2 hue and saturation adjustment layers on top of the 2 circles. Select the white circle layer, then select the white circle with the quick selection tool. Click on the layermask of the lower adjustment layer, and colour the white circle in black with the paint tool. Select the lower adjustment layer and set the lightness to -35. Select the upper adjustment layer and set the hue to -41 and the saturation to +100

Step 11: Placing the Broken Sun

Press Crtl + A, and copy. Return to the landscape, and paste it.

Step 12: Moving the Broken Sun

Go to edit -> transform -> scale, and while holding shift, scale the sun to the desired size. Move the sun to the desired location and press enter to finish the transformation.

Step 13: Placing Site 19

Open the warehouse image and select the warehouse with the quick selection tool. Copy it and paste it into the main workspace then scale it to the appropriate size.

Step 14: Breaking Site 19

Move the layer that the warehouse is on underneath all of the adjustment layers until it is directly above the background layer.

Step 15: Breaking Site 19

Select the part of the mountain range that the warehouse will be behind and copy it to a layer above the warehouse layer.

Step 16: Breaking Site 19

Create a new layer above the mountain range and the warehouse. Select the paint tool, right click and change the brush shape to one of the splatter brushes in the special effects section. Draw some SCP-001-A in front of the facility. On the warehouse layer, draw some so that it is on the building, but behind the mountain.

Step 17: Breaking Site 19

Select the layer with SCP-001-A on it and select filter, noise, add noise. Set the amount to somewhere around 5%, the distribution to uniform, and select monochromatic. Do the same for the warehouse layer.

Step 18: Placing Text

In a new layer above everything, create some text in the lower left corner. The text should read something like “SCP-001 (enter) WHEN DAY BREAKS”

Step 19: Placing Text

For the upper line of text, the size should be somewhere around 36 pt, for the lower text the size should be around 18 pt. Set the colour to white.

Step 20: Placing Text

For the font, click on the dropdown menu, and click on the “TK” in the upper right. This opens typekit, the adobe online font downloader. You can use whatever font you want, but I used Bungee Regular. Activate the font, and apply it to the text.

Step 21: Exporting

Go to file, export, export as, and export it as a png.