Introduction: Exercise Bike Pedal Generator/Human Powered Lipo Charger!

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Let's to turn human power into electricity!

Here's what I use to complete this project:

Your build might vary based on available equipment and how you decide to go about the project.


Step 1: Mount the Sprocket, Install the Motor

The Origin8 cog/sprocket kit simply bolts onto the disc brake mount of the e-bike motor. Throw on some Locktite to keep the bolts from loosening. Remove the original flywheel from the stationary bike, and mount the ebike motor into the stationary bike.

Step 2: Wire Is All Up!

Connect 3/8" spade connectors to the 3 A/C wires coming out of the e-bike motor, then connect to the 3 A/C posts on the 3 phase bridge rectifier. Add 3/8" spade connectors to a red and black wire and connect to the RC power meter. Here you can either just connect directly to the charge controller, or go all out and add in the AGM batteries as I have done. Watch the video for details on how the batteries and switches are wired in. Connect however many sockets you'd like to the 12v out of the charge controller. I used a distribution block to run wires to all the sockets, but there are many other ways you could achieve the same result.

Step 3: Give It a Spin and Start Charging/powering!

I added a couple fans to cool me, plus an old PC 12v fan to help cool the bridge rectifier. Fans don't use much power, the double headed 12v fan I use requires about 5.5 watts on high, the USB fan uses maybe 3 watts.

Step 4: Be Creative With Your Build

Here's a build I did with a modern spin bike, but using the same principles. I did use some of the components from my other builds (check them out!).

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