Introduction: Expandable Christmas Stocking

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This is the Christmas stocking you've been waiting for! Make it yourself to reflect how naughty or nice you've been. Hang it in its most compact zipped-up stage to appear modest and humble. Unzip it to lengthen, section by section, until you have the stocking of your dreams! Then make sure to write Santa a very nice letter to let him know you've been good enough this year to fill it to the brim.

Plus, these stockings are finally big enough to fit some of the most common stocking stuffers like golf clubs, hunting rifles, and canes!

Step 1: Materials

For this project I used bumpy red fleece for the main fabric, and white fur for the insert fabric.
I chose to have four sections, which meant I needed three zippers. Therefor, my final materials list looked like this:

  • 1/2 yd. Red Fleece
  • 1/2 yd. White Fur
  • 3 separating zippers in white
  • Paper + pencil/pen for a pattern
  • Ruler
  • Scissors
  • Sewing machine (opt)
  • Thread

** Using a sewing machine for this project involves basic sewing machine knowledge. I have not included notes to backstitch, make sure the presser foot is down, etc. For more info on how to sew with a machine, scope these great instructions.
For hand sewing tips, check How to Sew.

Step 2: Make a Pattern

Get some paper and a pencil and sketch out your design.

My sections are like 5" wide.
The foot part was the hardest for me to draw.
It looks better if the toe is hanging down, rather than straight out from the heel.
Also, a little more curve where the arch is would be better.

Once you've determined the size & shape of your zippered sections, double it in width. This way, you'll only have one seam up the back instead of in the back and front.

Step 3: Cut Fabric

Cut two of the foot part.

Cut as many as you like of the zippered parts plus one extra for the cuff.
You may want to use a different color for each section, or vary it up with three colors, etc.

In this case, I cut 3 red sections and 4 white sections.
I also cut a little tab out of the white to hang it with. (See step 11.)

Step 4: Add First Zipper

  • Lay a zipper upside-down on the fabric, aligning edges. Zipper and fabric are now face-to-face.
  • Pin along edge and unzip other side of zipper (not necessary, just makes it a bit easier)
  • Sew zipper to fabric by hand or by machine, leaving enough room between the seam and the sipper pull that it can move freely. For large-toothed zippers like this, paired with fleecy fabrics, that tends to be more space than you'd think.
  • Turn fabric to right side, and close zipper

Step 5: Add Second Panel

  • With zipper closed, lay unsewn edge of zipper face down on next red panel
  • Sew to edge of fabric - move zipper pull out of the way if sewing by machine

Step 6: Add Insert Panel

  • Separate panels
  • Turn raw edge of zipper over
  • Sandwich zipper between sewn panel and insert panel
  • Sew together following or just to the outer edge of previous stitch line

Step 7: Complete Insert Panel

  • Apply the second main fabric piece to the other edge of the insert piece
  • Again, sandwich the zipper between the two fabrics
  • As in the previous step, sew along or just to the outer edge of the previous stitch line
  • When you are finished, zip the two main pieces together to hide the insert piece

Step 8: Sew on Next Panel

  • Repeat steps 4-7 until stocking reaches desired length

Step 9: Sew Together Foot

  • Lay two foot pieces right sides together (face-to-face), aligning edges
  • Sew foot of the stocking together between the pins as illustrated
  • Apply zipper as in step 4
  • The other side of this zipper will be applied to the last section on the sock
  • Apply final insert panel as in steps 6 & 7

Step 10: Sew Back Seam

  • Unzip all the panels to expose both white and red fabric (if they aren't already)
  • Fold the whole thing in half lengthwise
  • Pin together open edge with the zipper teeth all facing the red (main fabric) parts
  • Sew edge together, including the rest of the foot
(Sorry for lack of picture on this one. Do ask if you have questions, and I'll see if I can't get something posted)

  • Turn right side out

Step 11: Make Cuff

  • Cut a piece the same size as your other panels of fabric for the cuff
  • Cut a small piece to use as a hang tab
  • Fold hang tab in half lengthwise and pin to one edge of cuff fabric
  • Sew hang tab to edge of cuff fabric
  • Fold cuff fabric in half to match short ends
  • Sew short ends together
  • Turn right side out

Step 12: Sew Cuff to Stocking

  • Fold cuff in half lengthwise, with right sides (fuzzy sides) together
  • Pin to the inside of the stocking along the upper edge
  • Sew all the way around this edge
  • Pull cuff to the outside of the stocking and fold over the edge

Step 13: Hang It Up and Wait for the Gifts to Pour In!

How long will you make yours?