Introduction: Exploding Booby Trap Gift Box

This Instructable will show you how to 'booby trap' a box with party poppers and surprise whoever opens it.

I first tried this on my Dad at Christmas last year, and ever since I've done the same to every present I given to someone.

It doesn't take long to do, and even if you're given a really crappy present to someone, they'll remember the surprise they got when they opened the box.

Step 1: What You'll Need

You'll need:

• 1 CardBoard Box (to put your gifts inside)
• 4 Party Poppers
• 4 Matches
• Glue Gun
• A small screwdriver ( or something with a sharp point)
• Something nice to put in the box (optional)

Step 2: Glueing the Poppers to the Box

• Remove the paper sleeve from around the party popper. This will let the glue bond to the popper better.

• Apply some glue to the side of the party popper, and attach to the edge of one of the box flaps with the string facing the inside of the box. Important: (Glue the party popper about 2cm from the edge of the flap, so the box lid can close properly.)

• Repeat this for all 4 flaps on the box.

Step 3: Setting the Trap

• With the party poppers glued to the box, and the string facing inwards, make a small hole underneath the party popper on the side of the box.

• Poke the string through the hole and out to the other side.

• On the outside of the box, glue a match stick to the end of the popper string.

Before you carry on with the next steps, put your gifts into the box. Theres no going back without setting off the booby trap!

Important: Partially close the lid, and pull the string on the outside, being carful not to explode the party popper. When the lid is about halfway open, and halfway closed (at 45ª) hold the string tourt and apply some glue to the hole. This is the position the person opening the box will explode the party poppers.

• Make a small cut into the side of the box, long enough for the match to sit in, and glue it in place.

• Do this to all 4 poppers on all 4 sides

Step 4: Wrap the Box

•  Close the box and wrap it in whatever beautiful paper you have. I chose this lovely flowery stuff.

• Give you gift to whoever you want, and watch their reaction.

One or two poppers may not fire at your first attempt (thats why I add 4 poppers to my boxes), but after you do this a couple of time, all 4 poppers should explode.


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