Introduction: Exploding Shotgun Bullet. KNEX.

This is a knex bullet that a best on most of the guns that are like slingshots..the ones that are about 3 pieces wide and have a rubber band that you pull back on top. Load this bullet onto one of those, and u got yourself a good bullet + gun.

Step 1: Pieces List

Just follow the notes.

Step 2: Building It

Picture 1- build this.
Picture 2- put the five blue rings on the white rod, then cap it off with the gray connector.

Step 3: Rubber Band.

The rubber band is mostly for looks but does hold it together better i guess..and it kind of protects your pieces if the rubber band hits the wall first then it wont break anything..

[NOTE!!!! If you want the bullet to have a shotgun feature then you have to take the rubber band an the gray connector off of the bullet right before you load it in you slingshot/gun/rocket/ etc..

Step 4: Using the Bullet. [must Read Notes]

I built this cheesy little slingshot gun just to test out my bullet.

VERY IMPORTANT NOTE! If you want it to have a shotgun feature then you must take the gray connector and the rubber band off the bullet right before u load it. This way all the blue rings will shoot off of it. VERY IMPORTANT NOTE!

Picture one - basically just put the bullet behind the rubber band and pulled it back.
Picture two - i shot it from about ten feet behind the picture..hit the wall in the front of the pictures, and went all over the place like in the picture.