Introduction: How to Paint a BMX Bike

during this instructable you will learn how to fully paint your bmx bike.

Step 1: Step 1

materials need.
-color of spray paint you want your bike to be.
-primer if you want.
-allen wrenches of different sizes
-screw driver
-ratchet with different attachments
-the finest grit sandpaper you can get you hands on

Step 2: Stripping Parts on the Bike

first of all you need to take off any of the parts of you bike that you do not want painted. and if you don't take some parts off then I advise you to atleast cover the parts with paper towels or something of that sort.

Step 3: Sanding.

for the spray paint to stick better to the metal on your frame and other parts..sand as many of the parts as possible

Step 4:

once you have you bike stripped and covered. also sanded. its time to paint..find a place you can spray paint it and be able to let it dry. some place like on your lawn or you can even hang your bike on a tree branch. paint about two coats of paint over your bike and let them dry!

Step 5: This Is What My Bike Looked Like

it went from a trek bmx bike. silver. to this.