K'nex Exploding Spring Loaded Grenade.

Introduction: K'nex Exploding Spring Loaded Grenade.

This grenade works 5 times better than my other one i have posted. because the spring in the middle explodes everything from the inside out. thanks to

Step 1: The Pieces List.

3 gray connectors
1 spring [needs ot be about the length of a yellow rod and can fit a yellow rod through it]
2 white snowflake connectors
1 yellow rod
1 tan conector
12 red connectors

Step 2: Building the Sides

Make the sides they're easy. [6 of them]

Step 3: The Pin, Top, and Bottom of Grenade. [also the Spring]

PICTURE 1- On The very bottom of the yellow rod put the tan connector and have the little stick on it faceing up. then put the snowflake ontop of that. and then the spring goes on the remaining part of the yellow rod.

PICTURE 2 - put the second snowflake ontop of the spring[on the yellow rod] and push it down, holding it down put two grey rods on top[for these first two make sure that u just put them on by putting the yellow rod through to hole. not clipping it] for the third gray rod which is on top you need to clip that one.

Step 4: Adding the Sides

The height between the two white snowflakes should be perfect to fit the red sides into the white snowflakes like the picture shows.

Step 5: Finished. Time to Use It!

Okay now that you have your grenade finished take the three gray clips off like picture one.
Once you take the three gray clips off. if you built it right. the red sides should hold it all together until it hits something. If one or more red sides are removed it explodes. Hope you like it! comment what you think of it.. its obviously better than my other grenade. I also have posted a video of me taking the pin off and throwing it at my bathroom door haha and it went everywhere. has a great blast radius. best knex grenade ive seen on the site so far.

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    13 years ago

    This is a great Instructable, but you need to add a main image of the final project to the intro step. Please do that and leave me a message when you have so that we can publish your work. Thanks!


    Reply 12 years ago on Introduction

    thanks ! it took a while to figure out and i got the spring from an airsoft gun


    You know you cant take MY design chage two things and post it without credit come on i was the first person on this whole entire site with a spring loaded grenade give me credit of else ill flag


    Reply 13 years ago on Introduction

    oh well i really 100% didn't know that..ill fix the instructable..show me the link to the other one cuz i really never saw it.