Introduction: Explore Space With Satellite for Kids

Its a very simple explorer project. Any thing is explore with this model. Also detectives game also develop with this concept.

Step 1: Materials Required

Materials Required

1) A4 Size OHP sheet.

2) A4 Size Black chart paper.

3) Permanent markers all available colors i got 4 colors.

4) A4 white paper.

5) Jump clip 4 Nos

6) Pencil, Rubber and Scissors.

7) Glue.

Step 2: Draw or Print in A4 Sheet

Take the print out or draw the Solar system (any thing you want to explore) in A4 size paper.

Step 3: Trace in OHP Sheet

Put the OHP sheet over the drawing and first draw the path and the Asteroids Belt Using black permanent marker.


User only permanent markers because it only last long in OHP sheet.

Step 4: Detailed Color in OHP Sheet

Detailed the planet using color Permanent markers. If possible color it with the planet color, i got only 4 colors so i use only that colors. After detailed write the planet names near the planet using black Permanent marker. Remove the white sheet and put the black paper and you able to see very dull image of your drawing in the OHP sheet because if change BG color from white to black.

Step 5: Make Satellite

Take a A4 size white chart, In the portrait model draw a satellite model in the top center and from that satellite rays like cone is drawn and from the lower part of rays to the end of the paper long rectangle for handle is draw. The rectangle length is length is 3 size of the cone bottom. Cut the satellite using scissors. Now fold the rectangle to the size of the cone bottom and paste it in the back side. Color the satellite and leave the cone as White. Cut the black chart and paste it below the cone. Now the Explorer satellite is ready.

Step 6: Put Satellite in Sky

Use the jump clip to bind the OHP sheet and black color chart paper on four edges. insert the satellite between the OHP sheet and black color chart paper. Use the satellite handle to move the satellite and explore the planets.

Step 7: Explore Planets

Ask the Kids to move the satellite using the handle and explore the planets and read its name. Rays from satellite when move over the spot make the name and color more visible. Not only solar system any thing like map with city and states, animals in forest etc are explore using this concept. Try and make your kids engage in this type of works in holidays maximum avoid mobiles and televison.

Lot more to enjoy...............Don't forgot to comment and encourage me friends.

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