Introduction: Extended Reach Cherry Picker Stick

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This is a simple tool for harvesting cherries and berries that are otherwise be too high/far to reach.

It uses an off the shelf assistive gripper device from Dollar Tree, (which is kind of an amazing value by itself for $1). This tool only gets you 30" of extra reach but it works really well.

The design intent is to give you the option of either closing the gripper around cherries and pull them down, or you can use the comb to pull them directly toward you. Whatever works bets for the situation. The red bin is large enough to hold quite a few cherries before having to unload.

Step 1: 3D Printing Settings

The gripper part is from dollar tree.

Ive learned that when marrying printed parts with existing parts its worth the extra time to model them. Its not strictly necessary but doing so helps guarantee the interface will work as intended. Slow is smooth, smooth is fast!

The red 3d printed parts are PLA and the white are TPU materials. As long as you use those materials the design will be forgiving and no print supports are needed. I used 0.2mm thick layers for everything.


Everything is held together is cable ties as shown. The parts already have holes in the right places to make it obvious where to attach them. Happy Picking!

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