Introduction: Extremely Easy Kitty Cat Toy.

well my cats love toys  and i like simple.  so i decided to make possibly the easiest cat toy ever.

Step 1: Things You Will Need

for this you will need
some string (length and style is your choice)
somthing to put on the end of the string (i used a bell ball)

Step 2: Tie String to Magnet

simply tie the string around the magnet so it wont fall off..

Step 3: Screw to Roof

screw the magnet  with the string attached to the roof

Step 4: Cut

Cut to the length you wish it to be

Step 5: Tie Bottom

tie the ball bell to the bottom

Step 6:

now your done.  it was pritty easy wasn`t it.  also if you used a ball bell and a magnet you can wrap the string around the ball and attach the ball to the magnet to make it look better for company.  see pic 3. 

thanks for looking at my first instructable.

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