Introduction: Eye-catcher Piece With Multiple Spinning Magnets and Bismuth Crystals

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Bedazzle your friends with this weird eye-catcher piece with spinning magnets. Magnets circle each other and spin around their own axles..

Step 1: Ingredients

What you need:

1. Cube shaped magnets (I used six 5 x 5 x 5 mm Grade N42 cube magnets)

2. A short piece of copper piping with large diameter (The one I used was 45mm outer diameter and 43 mm inner diameter)

3. A longer piece of piping that fits nicely inside the copper pipe. Any non-ferrous material will do (not attracted by magnets)

4. Disc magnets (I used six 5 x 3 mm grade N50 disc magnets ) Disc magnets are just convenient because the axle of polarity can be seen from the shape.

5. A Base where the disc magnets are secured (I used 40 mm diameter plywood disc) Base will be fixed to the inner piping.

6. Something fancy to hide those magnets inside the copper piping . I used bismuth - It doesn't have any operational function, just looks cool and adds a level of mysticism to the soup.

7. A drill will make it extra cool. Connect the disc magnets + base + inner piping to the drill

Watch the video to get better understanding.

Step 2: Operating Principle

The magnets not only spin around the copper pipe they also spin around their own axles. This results because the visible magnets axle of polarity is on an 90 degree angle in respect to the hidden magnets axle polarity.

It doesn't matter whether it's north or south pole that is facing the copper. Only the axle of polarity is what matters

If you want to use as much as six spinning magnets. I recommend to use a larger diameter than 45 mm. It got too crowded - the cube magnets magnetic fields interfered with each other making it more difficult than it should have been.