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Oh YAY, you just got a ginormous eye shadow pallet from a girlfriend and have absolutely NO IDEA how to apply all these colors with Confidence! The smiles there but jeeeez the anxiety....I too have been there, and let me tell you, it's not as scary or complicated as it looks. With a little research, you can figure it out.. (or read my instructable ;) ) In fact, the average eye shadow kits are designed to go with each other in some shape or form. These colors can work harmoniously together given the right attitude!

In the coming steps, I will show you how to apply some basic colors with CONFIDENCE. Dare to wear those colors and USE YOUR MAKEUP to its fullest potential. You are beautiful, show it girl!! What I have before you is basic, fast, and gets the job done ever so classy. ;)

Step 1: Overview: Lets Get REAL

There are circulating pictures and websites that pressure you to wear eye shadow that goes with your eye color. For example, my eyes are Hazel, so according to most websites, I am to wear gold and green eye shadow. (the colors of my eyes obviously)

These colors may help bring out the vibrancy of my eyes and I get that, but the truth is, you can rock ANY color you want. Come on girls, haven't you wanted to wear some fun colors and look GOOD?The possibilities are out there, you just need to know how to apply them right. Above is a picture of the basic steps to color your eyes.

These are the brushes I used too. Your basic run of the mill brushes. Nothing fancy!

Please remember, the goal isn't to look like a super model here. We want to wear colors to make ourselves HAPPY.

Step 2: Everyone Wants to Wear Blue!!

OK ADMIT it. even when you were running around with a Barbie doll, you wanted to wear blue eye shadow. However, as you have have discovered, blues are notorious for turning girls away from eye shadow because they are afraid they look like a clown. Well, i'm gonna show you it's entirely possible, and my eyes aren't even blue.

A tip! -Use colors that blend well and match. AKA. USE SAME COLORS. Not blue and green and red..Choose your colors that are ranging from light to dark and in the same shade. For example, If you wanna sport the blue eye shadow look, then choose a light, medium, and dark blue. As well as a shimmer lighter color(in blue's case, a shimmer striking white and silver). When combined, these colors can work harmoniously together and produce a sexy seductive look.

For every shade, you want to start off with dark to light. You can even blend colors to make a different color you may like more like I did.

FIRST) Apply Primer to your eye lids up to your eye brows. Don't forget to get under your eyes too. It's not a necessity, but it helps retain the colors and prevents them from clumping. Then take your small angled brush and dab on some white shimmer to the inner corners of your eyes and below the lower eye lashes. Also add some to under arches of your brows. This is where light focuses on most and will just make you GLOW. The white also brings out the whites of your eyes.

Step 3: Color the Corners of the Eye Lid

SECOND Apply your dark blue color from where your lid creases and the ends to the crease on your lid. This display of colors defines your eyes. By using darker colors it will give your eyes depth. For me, I choose to blend 3 colors. A black for the very corner of my eye and a darker blue mix of 2 darker colored blues for the corners and crease of the eye lid.

Step 4: Lets Make Some Colors!

THIRD The next step will be your upper eye lid. Choose your very light color, one that is one shade lighter than your skin. You want everyone to seeeeee you're actually wearing something. So, light blue, I WANT YOU. For me, I did a mix of silver and some lighter blues. The silver blue is more concentrated just below the eye brow, while the darker blue is more concentrated to the eye lid. Color your entire upper eye lid to your brow. Remember to not cross pass your brow point. That's when it becomes overkill.

Step 5: Add a More Defining Blue and Blend In

FOURTH Now it's time to add a more defining blue. I chose two blues and went all over the eye lid with them. When completed I used Misses white brush, (my Blending brush), to blend in all the colors all over the eye. The blending brush should be very poofy, so as to not take away color while blending. If you happen to take off too much color, simply re-apply.

Step 6: Apply Your Liners

Eye liner is magic for your eyes. There's a world of a difference after applying eye liner. For me I choose a black liquid eye liner. Apply to the top and bottom of eyes. And for the bottom of my eye I used a blue eye liner to help the blue stand out even more ;)

Step 7: Apply Mascara

As equally important as eye liner, mascara helps your eyes come to life. Fake lashes can also be used in this step but I like going real. ;) You can use any brand you want, but for me, I gotta have my Lashgasm by Too Faced.

Step 8: Apply Finishing Touches

Well I figured since I went this far, i'd go and put on the rest of my face. Just a quick dab here and there of make up to the face, and lipstick and you'll be in business. I also used an eyebrow pencil and brush to help fill in my eye brows.

When finished, I hope you will want to gallop around in a pretty summer dress! I hope it makes you feel free to wear whatever colors you want. You rock girl!!

Step 9: Too Faced Extra Fun!!

For extra fun I wanted to add a different shade of color. The natural eye from Too Faced, my favorite brand. I used the SAME STEPS and achieved this natural look to wear at work or just for any day.

I hope you enjoyed my instructable. I hope you found it to be easy and know that makeup CAN be fun, no matter what the color! Let me know if you have any questions!! Have an instructable filled :) awesome day!

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