Introduction: EyeToy™ Led Mod

Switch out that annoying red led on our Ps2 EyeToy™, with a cool color of your choice, I used super-bright white for a darkness enhancing mode :D

Step 1: Open.. Her.. Up!

Awsome, it's suuuuper easy to take the bottom cover off this baby :] The top's a little ticky the first time though, u'll get it..

Step 2: The "Switheroo" :]

k, simple enough so far right?
This part's pretty easy with some sauttering experience :]
(btw make sure to test the positive and negatives of your Led before sauttering, reduces hassle later, trust me)

Step 3: "The Finisher" :]

tough part over,
and your just ready to close this baby up :]
Here we go...

Step 4: You're Good to Go!! :D

Now, just hook her up nd test it out..
veeeery sexy :D haha