Introduction: Eyeless Jack Mask (creepypasta)

So for your Eyeless Jack ( aka. EJ) cosplay, you will need the following materials:
•A plain mask
•Acrylic Paints ( Black, White, and Blue)
•Bowl of Water
•Plaster Cloth
•Hot Glue Gun
•Blue Spray Paint( optional)
•Acrylic Sealer( optional)
And let's get started! :D

Step 1: Making the Base of Mask

So I didn't like how thin my plain mask was, so I used plaster cloth to build onto it. But first, I cut out the nose since most fan art of EJ had him without a nose. And I also made the eyeholes bigger by cutting them out. But that is totally up to you whether you want to do that.
---- get your Plain Mask, Plaster Cloth and Bowl of Water
----Cut the Plaster Cloth into strips
----Dip a Plaster Cloth Strip into the water and put on the mask
----Smooth out the plaster with your fingers
----Repeat and continue until your mask is completely covered in the Plaster Cloth
----If you do layers, let one layer dry first and then add a new layer
----Wait until the mask is totally dry before continuing on to the next step :)

Step 2: Coloring the Mask

Now that your mask is dry, time to paint it! I actually used blue spray paint at first but I didn't like how plain it was. So I shaded it using the acrylic paints.
----Get your Acrylic Paints( Black, white &Blue) and Brushes
----Paint a layer of Blue paint on the mask first
----Then mix the black and blue together to make a dark blue
----Paint the Dark Blue on the sides of the mask and on the bottom areas
----Then mix the White and Blue to make light Blue
----Paint the Light Blue on the mask in the middle and on the forehead areas
----Once this layer of paint is dried, paint Black paint around the eyeholes
Once you are happy with how your shaded mask looks, we can move on to the "black tears" or goo that comes out of EJ's eyeholes.

Step 3: Black Tears or Goo

This is totally up to you if you want the black goo or not. But here is how I made my Black Tears.
----Get your Hot Glue Gun
----On one eyehole, glue a line of hot glue down the mask
----Continue to glue lines of Hot Glue on the eyehole
----Move on to the next eyehole and add the Hot Glue lines
----Allow the Hot Glue to dry
----Get your Black Paint and a Brush
----Paint the Hot Glue lines with the Black paint

Step 4: Adding the Acrylic Sealer( Optional)

I wanted my mask to be shiny so I used Acrylic Sealer to both seal the paint and make it all glossy.
----Get your Acrylic Sealer
----Spray the mask from a short distance
----Allow the sealer to dry before handling the mask again

Step 5: Black Eyeholes

I had so much trouble with figuring out how to make the eyeholes filed in or just completely black. I wanted to be able to see out of it well( I'm going to a con with it soon) and needed something that was see through. Well thin black fabric failed me. So I saw the idea of using black sunglasses lens! And I was like yes, perfect!
----Pop out the lens of a cheap pair of sunglasses
----Position the lens on the eyeholes in the back of the mask
----Glue the lens to the mask

Step 6: Adding the Final Touches and Admire It!

Use an elastic band or a shoelace to tie the mask to your head. Check for anything you were not happy about and fix it.
Now that is done, admire your wonderful work!

I really hope this tutorial helped you and if you have any questions, leave a comment! Thanks for reading all this and if you made it, hope you had fun with it!! :D