Introduction: Eyemask-How To

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Hello if you're a beginner, making an eyemask is very easy to do. It takes between 15-40 min. depending on your sewing level. Lets get started!

Step 1: Things You'll Need

Things you'll need are: Paper, Scissors, Pencil, Fabric, Fleece, Elastic, Needle and thread, sewing machine

Step 2: Making a Template

The first thing you want to make is a template. This is very easy, you need paper, scissors and a pencil. draw an eyemask the size and shape you'd like and cut it out. Check to see how it covers your eyes and make adjustments. VERY IMPORTANT: Don't forget to leave a 1/4 inch seam allowance all around the mask, this is where we will sew.

Step 3: Cutting Your Fabric

Pin your eyemask template to your fabric and cut out 2 pieces of any choice fabric (I'm using jersey knit), and cut one or two layers of fleece (depending on how fluffy you want it), at this point were going to pin our elastic and the layers together as shown on the second picture. MAKE SURE both right sides of the fabric are facing each other!!

Step 4: Pinning

Pin the elastic ( I used about 12" in long). pin it in between the right side layer of fabric like so. It should be sandwiched in between. Then place the layer of fleece on top and pin. I marked where I am going to begin sewing and where I will end. This keeps you from sewing too far. It also helps keep the edges even and makes it easier to hand sew later. 

Step 5: We're Ready to Sew!

Remember, making sure you've pinned everything how you want it helps prevent making mistakes and having to take twice as long to fix. Begin sewing at the first mark and try to sew as evenly as possible. When you have finished this step. flip it inside out, being careful not to prick yourself on the pins you left inside.

Step 6: Enjoy!!

Hand sew to close and enjoy! Look For this mask and more on my store!! .