Introduction: Eyes of Wonder Rainbow Hand Painting

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Learn all the colors of the rainbow with this design was contributed by Valerie from Columbia for the 2011 David Lynch film Duran Duran Unstaged. Thank you!

Step 1: White All Over

First, I began with white paint all over the hand.

Step 2: Add Features

Then, I used black to paints the eyes on each finger and swirl on the palm. Then, I used light blue for the eyes on the index and ring fingers.

Step 3: Add Red

Then, I added a green eye to the pinky finger / eye, while I added red eyes to the middle finger and thumb / eyes. Then, I used more red to circulate the black swirl on the palm.

Step 4: Orange, Yellow, Green

Then, I continue to follow the rainbow by adding orange, yellow, and green lines and dots.

Step 5: Blue, Purple

Then, I finished the end of the rainbow with blue and purple dots, and it looks (almost) complete!

Step 6: Final Touch

Finally, I added green along the bottom edge of the hand to represent grass!

Step 7: Complete!

Thank you, Valerie for this fun, colorful masterpiece!

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