Introduction: Eyesawrus Re-psycho'd Monster

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From the depths of the stinking piles of archaic floppy disk debris...rises the EYESAWRUS, intent on destroying those who turned them into yesterday's garbage.

They see all...
in their quest to find ...
Bill Gates and all his minions!

They will not stop in their never-ending search for truth, justice and...uh...ummm...
the FLOPPY way!

Step 1: Supplies

Numerous floppy disks (I used 11 for their various parts)
Krazy Glue (I used the brush-on type. Easier to work with)
Flathead screwdriver
Miscellaneous google-y eyes

Step 2: Disassemble the Floppy

Using the flathead screwdriver, slide it under a corner of that silver piece that folds over the top of the disk. Pull it up enough to be able to grab it with your fingers and pull it off.

Again, using the screwdriver...insert it into anyplace along the top of the disk where there is an opening. Pry the two sides apart.

You now have 2 pieces of floppy.

Take the round brown thing (where stuff is recorded. Or is it STORED?) that has the round silver disc in the center and set aside. (By the way...the silver disc is glued on. If it comes apart, just superglue it back on. Watch out...I stuck my fingers to that brown thing a few times!)

Do this to eleven floppy's. You won't need 11 of every part, but you will need 11 of that silver piece that folds over the top. You can use the rest of the stuff for your own, clever creation.

YES...I am technologically challenged!  I don't know the names of these parts, but YOU probably do. They say a picture is worth a thousand words. So look at the pictures...

Step 3: Start Assembling

Cut curved lines from the outside to the inside of that brown, tape type thing. (I've gotta find out what these things are called!) Continue with the cuts until you've gone all around the circle. Then fold in every other strip by pinching it a bit near the center. I don't know why I did this, but it gives it a little more dimension. That's probably why.

Pick out three pairs of eyes and glue them on to the small silver discs.  If you don't have any eyes, try painting them on. Or...make some out of clay and stick them on, or...cut out pic's of eyes and glue THEM on.(You now have three "faces".) There is no lack of creativity in Instructables Land. I have faith in you.
Once you've finished doing the above to three tape things, go on to...

Using just ONE "face" (the one you want to have in the front), turn it over and glue one of those silver things that folds over the disk onto the back, down as low as you can and still make contact with the round disc.(you have to glue onto that disc). Then glue two more at a slight angle onto the bottom piece that you just glued on. These are for the other two "faces" to be glued to.

Glue the other two "faces" onto the tops of the rectangular pieces. (getting tired of calling them "the silver things that fold over the disk"). You'll need to have the center silver disc make contact with part of the rectangular piece, in order to glue them together.

Step 4: Make a Stand

In order to allow our three headed Eyesawrus to stand, and in the spirit of continuing to re-psycho...
I glued together six of the metal rectangular pieces, back to back. Then I glued that six-pack (!) to the back of the bottom rectangular piece on the back of the main "face". Sounds like gibberish, but take a look at the pic and it will be crystal clear.  (hopefully)

Now, when you stand it upright, it will....tip over! (Well, MINE did, initially) You need to add a little weight/balance on the front, so...

Glue two rectangular pieces together, turn them horizontally, and glue them (at the front) to the horizontal piece that is on the back of the main "face". (HUH?) Remember...a picture is worth a thousand words!

Note how I decided to glue on two eyes to the front rectangular piece. Looks a little like the three headed monster is stepping on it...or running over it.

I also added tiny google-y eyes to some of the parts of the head's saw "blades". What the heck...why not?

Step 5: VOILA...with a Bonus.

The Eyesawrus is now complete.  This really didn't take much time at all to put together. The only cost involved is for the eyes. I happened to have many of them in my craft "stash". ( junk room)

So...the Bonus is...
YOU CAN USE THIS AS A LETTER OR MESSAGE HOLDER.   Now how cool is THAT? Not very? Well...

Step 6: P.S.

I really DO know how to spell recycle. It's just that re-psycho was more in the spirit of MONSTERS. And the Google-y eyes? Well...Google is more in the spirit of...well...computers (which these poor, outdated floppy disks used to be such a big part of).

If any of you make your very own Eyesawrus...please post a picture here. I'd love to see them!

Thanks for bearing with my verbosity. Enjoy!
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