Introduction: F-14 Tomcat Paper Airplane (Medium) Flies 9-17 Feet With Slide on Missile Bays

About: An origami addict, i look up to Jason Merrill(hopefully I spelt his last name right) in origami. He creates absolutely crazy jets

A small intro on this jet——————————————————————————————————————————————————

Origami F-14 Tomcat

This jet has 2 (working) rudders 2 wings (non adjustable) a cockpit 2 elevators (working) 2 intakes 2 (not flat) exhausts 1 tail hook and folding wings (up not sweeping)

Because of its non swept wings it tends to fly high sometimes doing a full vertical if you throw it hard enough

It’s a pretty accurate design when you compare it to the real F14

It also has slide on missile bays on the bottom of the wings

Anyways if you finish it stay tuned for my next tutorial i have more than 20 jets! Hopefully ill be able to post one due to virtual schooling.


1 sheet of copy paper (not origami paper)

That’s it :D

Step 1: Paper

gather your paper(s)

Step 2: Let’s Do the Preliminary Folds

I won’t be explaining easy folds as such so please make sure you are average or an expert at folding

Step 3: Inverted Mountain Fold

Step 4: Some Fold

repeat the same for the other side

If your stuck use the video I provided

Step 5: Idk What This Is Called Too

This is actually 2 steps in one so I’ve provided a video for this step also

You might hear some background noise cause my mom was playing a song on the TV

Step 6: Right This Part Will Need a Video Too

now for the wings

Step 7: Le Wing

Time to position the wings!

Also nice job getting through the last step

If you got the random flap like I did consider it as a design rather than an error it looks quite nice eh?

I would color it blue or red maybe black or yellow

Step 8: ALRIGHT!

Very very very good job getting through that step, don’t worry that was the 3rd to last hard step

time for the elevators rudders and intakes


That will be in the next step


The part where I’m folding the bottom to make it bigger make it a bit smaller cause that’s where I made the mistake

Step 9: Rudders

k I realized I messed up horribly and that life hates me know so I guess I’ll leave it up to you for the elevators and rudders

I posted a video of my original f14’s elevators and rudders, that should hopefully help you.

Step 10: Forming the Cockpit and the Plane and the Tail Hook a N D the E N G I N E S

Step 11: My Next Tutorial

I’ve learned lots from doing this tutorial, my next F/A 18 Super Hornet tutorial will feature a lot less mistakes and better tutorial quality to make it easier to follow

I’ll also improve my F/A 18 wings to make it more realistic, I get better at designing every time I create a new plane, plus the exhausts will be easier to shape since their a pocket instead of exposed like on the f14