Hello this is my first project on this website. I created a fire breathing Jack-O'-Lantern using Legos, hair spray and a candle. I hope you enjoyed this and build it yourself, parental supervision required.

There is a PDF with the instructions on how to build it. I also have 3D model instructions that you can look at with the correct software listed below. P.S. You can use Lego power functions with slight modifications. I also modified this to be activated by motion using the Mindstorms ultra sonic sensor and have included the Mindstorms program in the google drive for this option. is the cad I used

google drive


Lego Mindstorms and random Legos.

I used a travel size hair spray can and tea light candle for the flame.

I made a program which you can use the ultrasonic sensor and make it motion activated if you want it will be in the Google drive.

Step 1: 🎃🎃🎃🎃🎃🎃

You need to put the hair spray in the Lego module and the candle on the tray.

And the test it to see if it works and then put it in the pumpkin.

Be safe and enjoy this build and Happy Halloween!!!!!

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