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This is a concept I saw online and decided to use this as a present to give to my Brother's girlfriend who owns a winery. I have seen these before and thought how cool they were but never made one.

This is quite an easy procedure and has a great effect at the end. I did not believe that it would work when I first started out, but low and behold. I was amazed.

Many people have made this and I found that most have their own measurements for how big and wide and tall etc. So this is what I did that worked for me.


Scraps of wood




Hole Saw



Tape Measure


First thing I did was round up scraps that I wanted to use for this holder. I cut pieces so they were symmetrically workable and got different types of wood to add a little flare to the holder.

For this holder I had 3/4 inch scraps but it might be better to have slightly thicker ones.

Step 2: GLUE UP

Next step is to glue this up. Glue each stick with enough glue to make a strong joint. This is important.

Clamp up your board making sure that it is tight enough and does not warp when squeezed. At this point I clean off the eccess glue that is dripping off as it is easier to do it now, than try to sand it off later.


Once the glue is dry, take off the clamps. I cut the wood to 9 inches. This is from the tip of the 45 degree angle to the top of the wood.

Even though it is not required, I wanted a rounded top and so cut this first. then I made the hole for the bottle to go in.

I drilled a 1 3/4 inch hole 2 inches from the top of the wood. On the bottom of the wood I cut a 45 degree angle. Some say to cut 23 degrees or 27 degrees, but I did 45 and it worked out. I used a router with a round over bit to smooth over all the edges of the holder and the sides of the hole for the bottle.


Then give it a really good sand. You want this to be flat and smooth.

I used 150 sandpaper to smooth it off and then moved up the paper to 320.


Since I have a laser, I lasered her logo onto the holder and then I used butcher block oil to finish it. I find this to be a very easy finish to apply and it looks good.

Then I tried it out. It takes a minute to get it in the right place but you just find the spot where it will hold and you let it go. It was amazing.!

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