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This is a fun and easy printmaking project that can be completed with limited supplies and no printing press!

Step 1: Mono Printing

Monoprinting is a form of printmaking that has lines or images that can only be made once, unlike most printmaking, which allows for multiple originals.

This Instructable explains how to make a lovely and easy print., without a press. I chose to make a Flower, however, any imagery will work with this printmaking technique. Landscapes are an option as well. The trick is to work quickly so the paint doesn't dry.

Step 2: Supplies

It was necessary for me to relocate due to Covid 19, therefore I do not have access to my usual art supplies. I needed to "borrow" paint from my 4 year old grandson. The paint I used is a water base, similar to any poster paint or tempera. (It is made by a company called Kids Made Modern and I am finding it is GREAT for kids...and me!) This technique can be used with acrylic or even oil paint. Watercolor paint doesn't work as well, as it bleeds together too much.




cup of water (to wash brush in between colors)

baking tray

Step 3: Paint

Paint your design (flower) directly on the clean surface of the baking tray.

Step 4: Print

Gently place the paper onto the image, once in place rub gently at the same time trying not to move it around and smudge the print.

I wanted to make mine into a card so I placed a folded paper into the tray. If you do this make sure the fold faces to the right so the print ends up on the front of the card!

Have fun!

Step 5:

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