Introduction: FROG IN THE PIN


this is the best way to have a great afternoon

Step 1: U Gotta Get the Frog Step 1

getting a frog aint easy if u havent done it before. get in your pond and u gotta jump in the water then u sneak up near the mud and when u see a frog u can stunt it with a stick or rock but dont hurt it then u grab it by the legs

Step 2: Get Back to the House Before Dad Finds U in His Pond With Your Levis On

just jokin but dad can whoop me if u finds me but he is in the pasture

step 2 really is go to the chicken coop and get the frog in the henhouse or if they are feedin put it next the feed. then u see the chickens see not all critters get along right and well and the chickens hate frogs so the chickens peck the frog (dont worry this dont hurt a frog none) AND THEY claw the frogs with there feet but the frogs got methods to madness they jump away and it scares the chickens. at this point if u aint laughin then boy u must be dumb!! make sure not to leave the frog in over night cause without mud to eat they will rither away and die (i did this once and dad wasnt happy)

anyways hope yall enjoy this its alot of fun to do after chores