Introduction: Fabric Decorated Place Mat!!

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Fabric ...fabric...fabric! My second big love, the first one is always buttons (that's why i have combined these two and now I have one and only passion!). Really, if you have fabric imagine how many crafts and creations you can make! And this time I have decided to accept this challenge! Oh yes, decoupage is not for me at all, I have destroyed so many materials so far, but this time I wanted to try Fabric Decoupage. The idea presented when I saw these adorable monochrome ceramic place mats... I always need more color!

Step 1:

Materials for Fabric Decorated Place Mats:

- Ceramic Place Mats

- Fabrics

- Zig Zag Fabric Scissor

- White glue

- Paint Brush

- sandpaper (optionally)

Step 2:

The procedure is really easy afterall and I think that actually I do prefer fabric decoupage than the one with papers ....maybe I will give it another try! So, first choose your fabrics and cut a pice for each place mat. The fabric scrab should be a little smaller than the place mat, unless of course you want to cover it all.

In a paper cup or in any bowl, dilute the white glue with water. Put one part of white glue with almost two parts of water and stir it well. Apply glue with the paint brush on your place mat and place the fabric scrap. With the brush apply more glue. If your fabric is making air bubbles, then use something tough (like a cradit card) and try to "iron" it and remove the bubbles.

If your place mats are really glossy and the fabric will not be that stable on it, try to make it a little bit mat with the sand paper first, before applying the glue on the place mat.

Let them dry and they are ready!!!!

Step 3:

The amazing thing is that if you have different fabrics you can make more than one pattern even with the same color of the ceramic place mat! And they are just the perfect addition to my kitchen table and to offer them as a gift!