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Introduction: Scrapbooking Paperclips Bookmarks

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My princess was complaining about not having bookmarks for her school books and I was complaning for my adhesive tapes I use in my notebook and they are not stable at all. So, papers in front of us, paperclips and we start cutting and adding glue and decorating them. We start making a couple of them, but then we decided to make more for our dad also!

Step 1:

Materials for Paper Decored Bookmarks

- Paperclips

- Scrapbooking paper

- Paper Cutter

- Glue

Step 2:

Cut first a paper scrap and pass it on the one edge of the paperclip. Fold it and add glue. The bookmark is ready! Cut the edges of the paper and create different patterns or use more than one paper.

Step 3:

Kids have really a huge fantasy I have to say and our bookmarks finally did not have only papers! And because we are in love with buttons, we have used them also! Ribbons and pom pom also and our bookmarks became so colorfull and so funny and really cute! My princess adored them and her books are now having more than one...just for fun!

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    5 years ago

    I love to find new ways to promote a love of books. I personally read from my reader more lately but there is still something timeless about a real book.


    Reply 5 years ago

    I also prefer real book! That's why adding more color just shows your love for reading... I think :)

    Thank you for your comment!