Introduction: Diy Rotated Cake Stand

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It must be Spring, I cannot explain it, but I want more color in my home. And when I have replaced my kitchen table with a bigger one, which I really adora since I have more space for my crafts (!!!!), it was just the perfect time to add even more color in my kitchen! A really cute Cake Stand in Shabby chic style!

Step 1:

I really wanted to create something cute for my kitchen table to use it for my handmade crafts or even better to use it also as a serving utensil. I knew exactly what I wanted it, so two things to buy from IKEA... the Wooden Rotating Disk and a Wooden Candle Holder I have seen online, but I also wanted to check them on the store. They were exactly what I needed!

Step 2:

The diy is really easy, but it will take a couple of days, because actually we will paint it! So glue for wood and just attach the candle holder on the serving disk, creating in that way a Cake Stand! The colors were different, but this was not a problem, since I have decided to paint then in mint green. For that I have used a Chalk Paint. Just use a paint brush and paint the stand. Let it dry and reapeat if you wish to have more bold color. I have done mine, three times and the mint green was the one that I wanted!

Step 3:

Now the next step... a beautiful detail! No I have no idea how to draw, so again this time I have used a stencil!

What else I used:
- Stencil

- Acrylic Color

- Paint Brush

- Sand Fixative Spray

Step 4:

Put the stencil in the place you wish on the disk and paint. Remove it carefully and let it dry!

Step 5:

Let the stand dry and then use the fixative spray to protect your color from water and anything else. And we are done!