Introduction: Fabric Dye Sprinkle

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I accidentally created a new dying technique using powder dyes. It requires sprinkling of dyes and then pouring water on it to get mesmerizing colors and flows. Check the instructable for complete directions.

Step 1: You Will Need

Fabric( I have used cotton here, this techniques may not work on silks as the colors may flow excessively)

Powder acid dyes

A paint brush to sprinkle the dyes



Some old newspapers

Acid/ vinegar to set the colors permanent

Step 2: Wet, Wring the Fabric

Start by wetting your cloth, this help it take dye better.

Once wet, wring out as much water as possible, this step is crucial as if there is too much water on the cloth the dyes will bleed.

Step 3: Sprinkle the Dyes

Spread your fabric flat out on a plain surface. Now sprinkle your powder dyes on it, I used a paint brush to do so. The closer you spray to the fabric the more concentrated the dots would be.

Experiment with your sprays and create a pattern which you like. I wanted blue and yellow swirls so I overlapped some of the dye so that the colors could intermingle.

Step 4: Pour Water

Once you are happy with the placement of your dyes pour tiny amounts if water over the dye . The dyes will start bleeding on the fabric, this will create the effect.

Start by drops of water and gradually increase the amount. Stop when you are happy with what you have achieved. You can leave some portions of the scarf without adding water to create more variations.

Always remember that the colours will keep bleeding till the fabric is wet. So make sure that you wait for it to dry and check the results before adding more water.

Let it dry whilst still laying flat.

Step 5: Wrap and Steam

Once the fabric is dry, it has to be steamed to set the colours permanent. For this warp the fabric in newspaper. Make sure that the fabric does not touch itself, as colour would transfer at those points.

I have used a gas steamer to steam my fabric. Check the dye instructions to know how much acid is required for the dyes. Steam it for 40- 50 mins.

Step 6: We Are Ready

And voilà, your scarf is ready to wear.

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