Introduction: Fabric Leaf Applique Tutorial

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We make and sell beautiful satin yoyo appliques and a lot of our customers ask leaves to go with them. The satin leaves are very easy to make. You can get satin fabric circles ready to use from us or you can cut them yourself. If you want to cut them yourself the easy way to that cut a square fold 2 times and trim the edges.

The steps clearly shown in the picture. But here is the some tips for you:

Tip 1: Always use double layer strong thread and thin but strong needle.

Tip 2": Dimension of the fabric circle

(Length of Leaf x 2) + 1/2"

If you want to make 2" leaves, you need at least 4.5" fabric circles.

Tip 3 : Be sure that you don't miss stitch to all layers.

Tip 4: Start to sew from same place for all the leaves you make. Try yo make same amount stitch so all leaves have same amount plies on them.

Tip 5: Don't scare to touch or pull your leaf. It's normal to give the shape you like. You can bend the leaves or leave it flat.