Introduction: Fabric Painting

Fabric painting is a fun way to jazz up old, boring clothes. There are so many fun, unique things you can do with your clothes.


Fabric paint
Stencils (I printed pictures offline and used them as stencils)
Paint brushes
Jacket, shirt, pants, or a bag

Step 1: Cut Out Stencil

Find the stencil you are going to use and cut out. There are two ways you can use a stencil. The first, is cutting around the stencil then painting around it, leaving an outline of the object, or you can cut the inside of the stencil out and paint the middle, leaving a picture of the stencil.

Step 2: Painting

Place piece of cardboard in between the front of the jacket and the back. Place the stencil on the jacket. Squirt some paint onto the fabric. Using a paint brush, paint the inside of the stencil.

Step 3: Outline

Once the paint has dried, take your silver paint and paint along the outline of the dragon. Let dry for 72 hours. To wash jacket, turn inside out and put in washing machine. You may want to wash it alone for the first time.

Step 4: Bag-

To paint a bag, find a nice plain bag. Put a piece of cardboard inside of the bag. Cut out the desired stencils. Place the stencils on the bag. Paint around the stencils. Let dry overnight. Turn bag over and paint other side if desired. Let dry for 72 hours. Before washing, turn inside out. You may want to wash the bag alone.

Step 5: Shirt-

Choose a plain shirt, preferably white or black. Wash it before you paint it. Place a piece of cardboard in between the front and back of the shirt. Cut out the stencil you are using. Squeeze paint around the stencil. Pull the stencil off the shirt. Touch up any places that you missed. Let dry for 72 hours before washing. Turn inside out and wash.

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