Introduction: Fabric Tape Tutorial

Fabric tape tutorial originally posted on Simply Modern Mom. For more photo tutorials visit Simply Modern Mom.

Have you seen the packaging tape with designs on them lately? Super cute for wrapping gifts or decorating packages. It could also be fun to stick on lunch bags or whatever you would like to tape together. A great way to use some of those fabric scraps. It’s so simple to make. 

Step 1: Supplies

• kraft packaging tape. It’s not brown packaging tape. It has a paper backing on it. (find them online in bulk or at office supply stores)
• long scrap fabric pieces
• wax paper
• Mod Podge
• foam brush
• bone folder or credit card would work too
• rotary cutter & cutting mat

Step 2:

Pull out a piece of wax paper longer than your fabric pieces. Iron your fabric pieces flat. Check for any lint or frayed strands on the wrong side of the fabric.

Step 3:

Pull out the kraft tape and stick it onto the wax paper. Have the kraft tape be slightly longer than your fabric too. If your kraft tape is in a holder (even the easy pull and tear holder), you’ll want to take it out because it may have a crease in the tape, which will leave a crease in the fabric.

Step 4:

Apply an even layer of Mod Podge on the tape. It’s OK to get it on the wax paper. You want enough Mod Podge to keep the fabric glued on, but not too much or clumpy so it seeps through the fabric because it’ll leave wet spots and it’ll look that way even though it’s dried. The tape and wax paper may curl up a bit, but when it’s dry, it will return to its flat state.

Step 5:

Use the bone folder or a credit card to smooth out the fabric, getting out any trapped bubbles. Also, run over the edges of the tape well to keep the fabric from peeling off. Allow to dry completely.

Step 6:

Turn the fabric tape upside down so the wax paper is on top. Using the cutting board and rotary cutter, trim off the excess fabric and wax paper. You can use a ruler or yard stick or anything straight edge to help guide the cut.

Step 7:

I used a pinking sheer to trim the ends. There should still be wax paper on the sticky side of the tape. Pull that off to use the tape. Be careful not to pull of the fabric. Since the fabric is glued down, it should fray too much on the edges. You can also cut the tape in half to make narrower tape widths.