Introduction: Fabulous Flower Pens

I love those cute flower pens.  And guess what?!?  They are super easy and fun to make.  Even the kids can make them.  They are fun to use, and most importantly, it makes your pens harder to steal at work or at school.  :)

Step 1: Gather Your Supplies

You'll need some fake flowers.  No, no, not flour this time!  Flowers!  You'll also need a hot glue gun and sticks, green florist tape, scissors, a wire cutter, and plenty of pens.  Some cute vases and pots to put them in are good.   Decorations like ribbon, glass pebbles, etc. are nice too.

Step 2: Trim Your Flowers

Use the wire cutters to snip the flowers off, leaving a couple of inches of stem.  Then use either the wire cutters or a pair of scissors to carefully cut the plastic around the wire, as close to the top of the flower as possible.  Slide off the extra part of the plastic from the wire. 

Step 3: Putting the Flowers in the Pens

Pop the end off the pen.  Put a little hot glue onto the end of the pen and slide the wire down the inside of the pen as far as it will go, so the bottom of the flower ends up glued to the end of the pen.  **Make sure the wire goes BESIDE the ink tube, not IN the ink tube.  Believe me, you want to avoid that kind of mess!

Step 4: Wrap It Up

Start at the base of the flower and start wrapping the florist tape around the pen.  Stretch it a bit as you're wrapping, so it sticks well.  Wrap it all the way down, then wrap at least half way back up.  It should stick just fine by pressing it down well, but a dab of hot glue won't hurt.  **If you don't wrap it back up part way, then when you use the pen, you could end up undoing the end of the tape, just from the friction of holding and using it.

Step 5: Decorate and Display

Use some colored glass, decorative stones, pretty pots, ribbons, etc. to make lovely bouquets of pens.  These make creative Birthday presents, Mother's Day presents, and Teacher gifts.  Or, just keep them for yourself, because they are awesome!  You can use them as microphones to sing in, pretend someone sent you flowers, or even use them to write with.  So get creative and have some fun.

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