Fabulous Pie Crust for Beginners!




Introduction: Fabulous Pie Crust for Beginners!

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For some reason, making PIES seemed like a daunting task to me.
It wasn't until we moved away from family, that I felt determined to conquer the pie making fear!

And heaven forbid buying a pie...or premade pie crusts!  :)

Turns out, it's very simple...
And comes with some very rich rewards!

Step 1: Recipe

Here's the standard Pie crust recipe I use.

2 cups of flour
3/4 cup of shortening
1/2 cup cold water
1 teaspoon of salt

(you can make 2 pie shells or 1 covered pie with this recipe)

Cut ingredients together with pastry blender or fork.
Do not over handle or mix in a mixer.
Do not blend more than necessary...just enough to incorporate the ingredients.

Step 2: Rolling

Split dough in half...
Roll out on lightly floured surface until about 1/4 inch thick.

Instead of trying to lift that sheet of dough into the pie plate...

Carefully lift crust and fold over on itself!
Fold it over again!

Then lift the folded crust into your pie pan,
and gently unfold!  :)

Step 3: Smooth It Out

Press holes together and gently press into pan,
Trim overhanging dough with a knife.

Step 4: Prettify It!

Make a pretty scallop edge by holding 2 fingers on the crust
and using your pointer finger gently pull the crust
between your fingers in toward the center.
Until it is all perfect and ruffled!  :)

Poke holes on the bottom with a fork.

Step 5: Time to Bake or Fill!

At this point you can either fill the pie and bake it...or
bake just the crust!

To bake an unfilled pie crust
bake at 350* for 30 minutes.
Comes out light and crisp!

Great for cream and pudding pies!
Or fill the unbaked crust with pie filling and then bake...
Our favorite is Pumpkin!
Pie crust is perfect for savory pies as well!

Step 6: Pat Yourself on the Back!

You did it!
Time to congratulate yourself with a big helping of pie!
And vote for me in the Pie for Pi contest!  :)

Now you can get fancy with weaving lattice and wonderful
designs to go on top of a filled gooseberry pie!

Until then, check out my blog for more fun recipes, crafts and projects!  :)

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8 years ago on Introduction

Step 5 : or bake the crust, then before the crust is completely cooked (or at half cooking time) put the filling on and complete the baking. This works very well with either fillings that need to be cooked but who will be overcooked if put directly on the the dough (such as very thinly sliced apples) OR with fillings that contain a lot of water and may spoil the crust by wetting it too much …

If you really want to make it tasty use butter instead of shortening. Lard would be good for salt recipes, not desserts. Then again I live in France…

Please note that I am not a fan of the French fad in the US nor a I a fan of the American fad in France !!! ;)))


This seams really easy to do and look like it come out perfect!
What is shortening? I can't find the exact correspondent in Italian...Can I use butter instead? Tanks, Marcella.


9 years ago on Introduction

Great recipe! Really similar to a crust recipe I have from my grandmother. I would suggest that the cold part of the cold water is emphasized; I've had crusts go do weird things when the water wasn't ice cold. Especially if the shortening is substituted for lard, the colder water will keep the fat particles from melting and causing the crust to not be flaky.


9 years ago on Introduction

the only change I would make is using lard instead of shortening it is a far better choice than using a transfat.


9 years ago on Introduction

Looks great!!! I just need to get my oven fixed so I can make some pies. Bought lots of apples for this very task...hopefully it will be fixed soon and I can try this recipe! Thanks!


Reply 9 years ago on Introduction

Thanks Holly!
And congrats on another fabulous WIN! :)