Introduction: Face & Body Scrub - Lime in the Coconut

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Easy and cheap ALL NATURAL face and body scrub.... (and delicious!)

Make a pot up with whatever yummy things you have around your home! I'll never go back to buying $15 teeny jars of....who knows what frankly!

Total value for money, natural so you can feel better about what's going on (and into) your skin and also super easy and delicious!
If I buy citrus fruits, I use the rind; if I buy coffee grinds, in they go; if I have essential oils that'll go with coconut, I set it up!
I brought back a bag of cacao husk from South America & ground them up to make chocolate flavour!!!! Seriously delicious to have permeating from your hot steamy shower.... You end up feeling a little decadent ;-)

Step 1: Set It Up

You'll need:

- glass jar
- coconut oil (cold pressed and organic is nicest)
- raw sugar (you can also use rock salt if you prefer, however it may be a little 'stingy' with the baking/bicarbonate soda)
- 1/2 teaspoon baking/bicarbonate soda (I just realised it's conflicting with the amount shown in the pic..... once it's made up, see if you need more or less by the smell of it & also the level of exfoliation; it's not really critical, just personal taste)
- rind of 1 lime
- grater
- table spoon
- tea spoon

Step 2: Make It Happen

1. place 3 tablespoons of sugar in the jar
2. add the coconut oil (about 2 tablespoons)
3. grate your lime rind and add to the jar
4. add the baking/bicarbonate soda

Mix it all up with the spoon & it's ready to use.
Store it in a cool dry place so it stays more solidified than oil, it will be easier to grab some when you're in the shower...

Make sure your skin is warm when applying.
Grab a small chunk of mixture and begin to rub onto your skin, the ingredients will act as an exfoliant so it's nice to gently scrub in a circular motion until you feel like it's enough...
once you're finished scrubbing, place the area under the running warm/hot water and rinse off only. The heat will ensure all the great oils soak into the skin and it will continue to do so for a while after your shower also, so when drying off, try 'patting' the area dry instead of wiping....

This can be used on your body and face, but if you like something a little lighter for the face, try this:

Grab some honey (local is better, less chance of being processed) in your clean hands and place a generous layer all over your face (not so it's dripping though!)
Leave it on for at least 20Mins (watch TV or clean something) and use a cotton cloth (or something else light and clean) with hot water to gently remove it one section at a time.... again, pat the face dry or let it dry on its own
It's divine and will thoroughly clean the skin and assist with any break outs due to the antibacterial properties of the honey (I've used it under a band-aid overnight to get rid of a threatening pimple)! :-D

enjoy xx

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