Introduction: Face Map

For a long time maps creation helped humans explore new places, but how can maps help to explore humans? Let’s explore the human face by designing a map using creativity.


Camera (cell phone camera is fine), some image editor software, printer, tracing paper, pencil, eraser, some kind of art paper sheet, coloring materials like markers, pens, colored pencils, watercolors, acrylic, or other.

Step 1: Take a Photo

Take a passport photo.

Step 2: Convert to 3 Colors

With image editor software convert the image to 3 colors gray scale: white, grey and black. This tutorials can help in this conversion using Photoshop or Gimp.

Print it!

Step 3: Transfer Lines to an Art Paper

Using tracing paper, outline the different color tones zone.

Transfer the lines to an art paper sheet.

Step 4: Create a Beautiful Face Map

With a map layout in your mind, fill the different zones defined by the lines with map like fillings and create a beautiful face map.

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