Introduction: Face Mask With Pocket, Quick Sew Version

This is a picture tutorial of the video of the professional garmet maker cranking out masks in 90 seconds. Adapted for home equipment.


1 Sewing machine, pins
1 9*14 rectangles of fabric
2 1.5 in * 42 in strips of fabric. If you have wide enough bias tape, double fold you can use that as well.

Step 1: Cut Your Fabrics.

I cut several pieces at once from a 36 in wide piece. Folded at 7 inches, cut at that line. Mine included the selvage end, so that got me a very straight line.

I used a similar process to cut the straps. Folded yardage, and cut.

Step 2: Fold Your Rectangle in Half.

Step 3: Fold Your Top Hems.

Fold each raw edge in. Just enough to sew over. Pinch tightly, and place on the machine.

Step 4: Making the Filter Pocket

Back stitch at the end, then sew forward shy of 1/3 the total length. Back stitch a few stitches and cut.

Check your folded edges, and put the final edge on the machine. Back stitch at the beginning, sew to the end, and back stitch.

Step 5: Pleat

Make 3 pleats, just pinch and fold. Pin as needed. I have long pins and was able to use one per side. Ymmv.

Step 6: Attaching Straps.

Place your strap fabric, wrong side up at the very end of the mask. Stitch into place. Repeat on the other side.

Step 7: Attaching Straps

Place your mask with the attached edge on the bottom.
Fold the raw end in so that it is just touching the end of the pleats.
Fold over and sew down.
Repeat for side 2.

Step 8: Finishing Straps.

With your finished pleats covered, fold over your fabric tie, and stitch all the way down to the end.

Repeat for side 2.