Introduction: Face Shield Covid-19 Lasercut One Material


We are 2 friends from Belgium (Ghent) and this is our take on lasercutted Face Shields.
Feel free to use our files or make adjustments.

We saw some flaws in existing models of faceshields.
Take a look at our optimized design!

Main goals:

· 1 material, lasercut only

· Shields droplets from above

Side goals:

· Flat packable for transport

· Easy assembly (by end user)

· Possible to wear glasses underneath


Laser cut pieces
The face shields are laser cut from 0.3mm thick clear PETG sheets.

Step 1: Protection

Use gloves and a mask.
Make sure you are working in a clean environment
You can sterilise the the material best by using isopropyl alcohol.

Step 2: Lasercut

Download files and start laser cutting

The face shields are laser cut from 0.3mm thick clear PETG sheets.

Step 3: Assembly

1. attach top of shield to lower piece

2. attach strap to shield

It's pretty straight forward once the parts are cut. Watch our youtube video of the assembly.

Step 4: Good Luck Out There

If you have questions or remarks feel free to contact us through facebook.
If you are using thicker material make sure to adjust the holes in the file. This file is made for PETG 0.3mm. If you need help with adjustment send us a request and we will be happy to help you out.

Feel free to use, replicate and change the design.

This is an opensource project. This is meant to help each other.

Good luck
Francies Vierstraete and Floris Ampe