Introduction: Face Shield for Wee Little Ones

Kids underfoot? Need to get some less than perfectly safe things done? would a full face shield make yo and your little monster feel safer? have no fear. with a two liter bottle, a decent pair of scissors a shoestring, a roll of electrical tape and few minutes you can protect little eyes from flying debris.

Step 1: Drink Contents of 2 Liter Bottle.

glug glug glug all gone

Step 2: Clean Ye Olde Plastic Bottle

Rinse that thing out, kids get sticky and messy all on their own no need to accelerate the process.

Step 3: Chop Cut Slice

Cut the top and bottom off of the plastic bottle. If you are the crafty resourceful type save the top to use as a funnel the bottom makes a pretty decent container for paint .

Now cut along the seam this will leave you with a curled but mostly flat piece of plastic. cut to desired with and cut the bottom so it is slightly rounded.

Step 4: Stab and Tape

Poke a hole in each of the top corners. wrap all edges in electrical or duct tape.

Run a shoelace thru the two holes.

Adjust the shoelace to fit the wee lil one's wee little head.

You and the lil one can now safely play with spark, dust and debris throwing tools

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