Rose Petal Lemonade

Introduction: Rose Petal Lemonade

This is simple. So simple a paramedic can do it.

Step 1: Gather Supplies

You will need a big pile of roses, a large vessel a bottle of lemon juice (lime works too) sugar and water. A whisk is also helpfuI am not including measurements because taste is subjective and I know nothing about yours.

Step 2: Plucking Petals

Rinse the roses. Spiders and such like to hang out in them and we are not trying to male bug juice. One by one two by two pull the rose petals off the flowers. Drop them in the big glass thing.

Step 3: Is So Pretty

Look at the pretty flowers.

Step 4: Adding Citrus and Sweetness

Pour in the lemon juice and add some sugar.

Step 5: Drink

We all know how to do this part.

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