Introduction: Fairy Wing Harness DIY


Ahh yet another tutorial for the renaissance fest. Because I am going to be a scrappy fairy I needed a scrappy set of wings. This harness also holds the mask I made for a competition, so it serves a double purpose!

This build cost about $20 dollars and took about 5 hours to complete.

Step 1: Materials

- Random thrift store finds (I used a red bandana, a belt, a scarf, and two ties)

- Needle and thread

- Feathers (I used dyed roaster tails)

If you are making a mask holder you will also need

- 2mm craft foam

- Worbla

- Magnets

Step 2: Sewing the Straps

I wrapped the belt around a mannequin. The harness is made of 3 straps. Two are made from neckties ( the left strap, and the back strap), the other strap I fashioned out of half of a bandanna that I weathered with washes of white, brown, and black paint. I sewed a corner of the bandanna to the belt and tied the other corner to a scarf. I also sewed the two neck ties to the belt.

Note: I only sewed one side of the straps to the belt because I will be looping the other end to the wing holder.

Step 3: Mask Holder

Because this harness doubles as a mask holder, I needed something to hold my mask. I molded a face like blob (I think it looks kind of like a sloth face) out of clay. I heated up a sheet of worbla and carefully molded it over the clay. After I had the shape of the worbla crafted. I put a magnet in nasal region of the worbla cusp (sadly I forgot to take a picture of me attaching the magnet, but pic 3 has a note where I put the magnet).

I cut a sort of triangular shape out of foam and heated a piece of worbla over the foam for strength. I carefully attached the worbla sloth face to the foam/worbla with a little heat. I cut 3 rectangular shapes in the foam/worbla for the straps to loop through, then sewed the straps in.

The last picture is of the magnet I fixed in my masquerade mask.

Step 4: Feathers

If you are not making a mask holder at this point just glue feathers to the worbla and foam back plate, and for the most part I did that as well. However I also made magnetic feather bunches that attach to the wings, and can also attach to my mask. For more info about the feather bunches check out my mask tutorial

Step 5: All Done

Because of the mask and magnet talk this tutorial may be a bit confusing. However it really is just a back plate with feathers on it supported by straps. If you have any questions about this build feel free to message me or comment below :)

If you would like to see how I made the rest of my costume:

Fairy Mask

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