Introduction: Fake Prop Screws

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If you're making a prop or even a costume that needs the look of screws, you can easily make fake ones.

All you need is:

-A hot glue gun (with glue)

-A screwdriver or knife

-Parchment paper

-A sharpie

-Metallic spray paint

Let's get started.

Step 1: Make the Shape

I'm using parchment paper for this because it makes it easier to remove your screws. Feel free to use whatever material you'd like. Now, take your glue gun and concentrate the glue into one single spot. Squeeze the trigger until the glue stops and you can release the nozzle from the blob.

Do your best to keep the shape round, but don't worry about "hot glue strings' between each blob. They'll clean up later. Now, just leave it there to cool down and harden into that shape.

Step 2: Make Your Indentions

You can do these next steps interchangeably. However, I have found the easiest method is first to make your indentions.

When I first started this, I made my screw marks with my Xacto knife, but it's much easier to use an actual screwdriver. Press it into the center of each of your blobs.

I do mine in a cross like a Philipps head screw.

Step 3: Optional: Darken the Lines

I have changed each set of screws a few times. One of the options is to darken the cut lines you just made.

Bend the side of your screw so that the cut opens up. Use a sharpie to draw inside each cut line. After you paint the whole screw, the screw drive lines will be slightly darker.

Step 4: Paint the Screws

I am using Rustoleum Metallic spray paint that I already owned. This particular one is the glossier and glittery version of the same metallic variety. They should only need one even coat.

You can pull your screws off the paper either before or after painting them. It makes no difference.

Step 5: Glue Them On!

Tear them off and glue them onto your project! Your screws are done!