Introduction: Fake Toilet Paper Roll

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Is there anything worse than going to the bathroom only to find you forgot to check if there was any toilet paper?  There is Now!

I made a fake roll of toilet paper out of cardboard, and inserted a removable prank message for that moment of truth when your victim realizes that no salvation will come from that little white roll.  I can't wait to get my little brothers with this guy!

Happy Pranking!  And remember to vote for your favorite pranks starting April 3rd!

Disclaimer: This little roll of paper can be a powerful and day ruining little prank if used maliciously, so I suggest that care be taken when setting up where and on whom it will be used.  Don't bring it to the mall and replace it for a real roll.  Don't use it on your grandma.  Don't be mean.  April 1st should be fun day.  ;)

Step 1: Gather Your Props

The picture above shows the types of materials you'll need to make this.  [Pic.1]

an empty toilet paper roll tube
a full roll of the paper you want to clone
a source of cardboard (cereal box, etc.)
glue stick (or double-sided tape)
scotch tape
scissors or exacto-knife

Also, about an hour of time and a victim with a sense of humor.

For the ends of my TP roll I didn't want it to just look like a disc of white paper, so I made a Word document with images that simulate the ends of a real roll of TP to print off and cut out.  [Pic. 2] shows a printed example.

Step 2: Make the Cylinder

[Pic. 1] -  Cut out a strip of card board the width of a roll of TP and slightly longer than the circumference of one.
              -  Cut out two cardboard discs and glue or tape the printed images onto them.

[Pic. 2] -  Tape the cardboard tube to the disc with 3 or 4 pieces of tape.

[Pic. 3] -  Begin taping the cardboard strip to the disc. Don't tape it all the way around yet.

[Pic. 4] -  Just before the two edges meet, leave a gap in the roll.  This is where the message will be pulled from.

Step 3: Make Your Message

[Pic. 1] -  Cut another strip of cardboard the same width as the TP.
              -  Also tear off a strip of real TP.

[Pic. 2] -  It's hard to see with white-on-white, but lay your cardboard on the TP leaving a bit of overhang.  Tape it down.

[Pic. 3] -  Fold the overhang over, and tape it down.  Now your message is wrapped in TP on both sides and will feel like TP to your victim's hand.
              -  Write your message on the remaining exposed cardboard.  This is what your victim will be reading as they realize that their life sucks.  I kept mine classic.

Step 4: Final Touches

[Pic. 1] -  Insert your message into your roll through the gap.

[Pic. 2] -  Tape on the second disc to cap off your roll.  You now have a complete cardboard cylinder.  The last step is taping or gluing a single (or maybe double) ply of toilet paper to the outer surface of your roll, completing it's camouflage.

[Pic. 3] -  Now your roll should be an almost exact replica of a real roll of toilet paper!

Step 5: Use Its Power Wisely Young Grasshopper...

Now that you've finished my weapon of torment (or at least a weapon of supreme discomfort) go forth and prank to your hearts content.  If your heart isn't black and evil, you'll most likely put a real roll of TP behind the toilet, or in the cabinet, or somewhere so that your victim's day isn't totally shitty (<-- see what I did there??). 

Have Fun!  Hopefully my 'ible appeals to your inner 'jerk-ish-older-brother'. 

Happy April Fools!!

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