Introduction: Fake Virus!!!

Want to prank your friends and shutdown their computer? Look here to see how. NOTE:it just shuts down it doesn't kill memory, programs, ETC. this is my second instructable!!!
any tips for me? please comment. thanks!

Step 1: Start

Ok if you want to be as diabolical and evil as me, here is what you do. First, right click on your desktop and click new shortcut

Step 2: Type Location of the Program

Ok, now you must type the location of the program. there should be a blank new icon and another window shall open. in the text box within the window type...

shutdown (space) -s (space) -t (space) (seconds you want to give the person before their computer starts to shutdown) (space) -c (space) (start quotation mark) (message you want to give them when the countdown sequence is running) (end quotation marks)

after that press the next button.

Step 3: Name the Program

Now it should ask you to name the icon. the name will show up to whoever you send it to and it will also be seen on your desktop. if this is for a prank that you will send to someone else then i suggest you name it like a game or a real program. NOTE:you will need to be able to find the picture of the game/program you say later. so if you put Frogger (classic game) you will need to enter the CD and apply it as the picture for the shortcut

Step 4: Changing the Shortcut Icon

Now, you must change the icon of the shortcut. right click on the icon and select properties.

Now click change properties. it is on the lower half of the screen. sorry about the pic being sideways. it just made it a bit clearer

then another window will open (pic is sideways again). click browse and look in your CD drive. there should be your game/program icon. click it and press ok. after you click ok it will return back to the last window. click ok on that one as well.

Step 5: Voila!!!

Now your "Fake Virus" is done. all you have to do it send it to people through an instant messaging service, e-mail, ETC, and laugh hysterically. if you send it through an instant messaging service always watch them log off a few seconds later. its always hysterical.

*make the game/program sound convincing to the victim
*don't send it to people that would sue you
*send it to a friend or at least someone you know (much easier)

okay. i have gotten reports that in some methods of sending, the file name will say "shutdown.exe", thus giving it away. ive gotten some test results that compressing the file, then renameing it again, will allow it to say the name after you compressed it. remember to rename the shortcut as well beforehand because when they uncompress it they will still see the previous name.

any tips for me? please comment. thanks!

'''''want to know how to abort the shutdown program if you start the countdown? send an e-mail asking how to [] thats my e-mail address. if i posted the abort everyone will know and this wouldn't work on more people. plus, what would be the fun if i didnt trouble all of you to have to email me? heheheh'''''