Introduction: Fall Decorations

This is just a simple craft for kicks and giggles made to amuse guest. It can be used around Halloween for a freight to seem as if someone is stuck in the hay bale. Very simple and easy to make with household items.

Step 1: Frame

Stick two 1-1/2 inch pvc pipes about a quarter of the way into a hay bale (Depending on weight of shoes this could vary)

Step 2: Pants

Next, you'll need some old pants to hide the pipes with and make your legs, you will need to stuff the pants with hay and put a rope through the belt loops to make sure no hay falls out

Step 3: Shoes

Next, you need to add shoes to your creation, try not to pick shoes with heavy soles as it will cause the hay bale to tip over. (shoes do not need to be stuffed with hay)

Step 4: The Power

Now this step is optional as to if you would like the craft to be stationary or for the legs to move to give it a more realistic affect. You will need somethingto power the legs in this case an remote control car and some fishing line.

Step 5: Fastening the Fishing Line

You will need to put some sort of screw in the tire of the car so it can pull the line moving the leg.

Step 6: Place and Secure

This step is cruel for the movement to work properly. The fishing line needs to have little to no play in it and the remote controlled car needs to be secured so the string pulled the legs and doesn't move the car. This can be done with a board and screws or a simple weight.Hit

Step 7: Roll Coal

This basically is a test to see how everything will work. You will need to be careful not to spin the fishing string around the axle as it can burn the motor up.

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