Introduction: Fall Leaf Shadow Box

This project was made to celebrate the beauty of autumn.

Items needed:
Shadow box
Plastic leaves
Hot glue gun
Hot glue

Step 1: Make a Sketch

Make a rough sketch on paper of the design you want to create out of leaves. Indicate the color of leaf that you will need and where you will place them.

This is only meant to be approximate so you can plan how many leaves you will need and have a rough layout for placing them. The goal is just to have a starting plan and not to aim for perfection.

Step 2: Place Leaves According to Sketch

Without using any glue yet place a few leaves on the backing of the shadow box. You may need to cut the leaves to make them conform to the shape you want.

For this design I wanted the effect of the heart showing through the yellow leaves so I made the heart out of red leaves first.

Apply hair glue sparingly to the back of the leaves. Be careful when placing the leaves as the hot glue can burn your fingers.

Keep any scrap pieces of leaves until the project is finished.

Step 3: Experiment With the Background

Just as before place a few of the background leaves without using any glue. Make sure you're getting the coverage that you want.

For this project I used a high contrast color so the heart would really pop!

Step 4: Secure the Background Leaves

Patiently use the hot glue to secure the background leaves. Be sure to cover all the gaps so that the shadow box backing is fully covered. Experiment with different techniques of layering the leaves at different angles.

After all the leaves have been secured trim any that hang over the edges of the shadow box backing.

Step 5: Celebrate! You Did It

After completing the background, allow the leaves to cool for a few minutes. This gives the glue time to solidify and secure your design.

After cooling, place the backing into the shadow box and you are done! You now have a beautiful piece of art to celebrate the season!