Introduction: Fallout 76 Theme Birthday Party Lego Activity and Other Ideas

After searching for several days for fun fallout themed birthday party activity and finding only nerf gun wars I quickly devised a group activity that is affordable and allows each child's creativity to come to light. The goal of this activity is to create a Fallout Shelter!

Step 1: Gather Lego Base Plates

Go to your local Dollar tree and buy enough Lego base plates for your participants, remember this activity brings out the kid in you so buy a few extra for thos adults that want to supervise :)

Step 2: Label the Bottom of the Base Plates

Every Fallout Shelter requires specific rooms to keep the place running smoothly. Print out labels and affix to the bottom of the base plates. Choose enough variety based on your audience. When you are ready for the activity to start deal out the base plates for each kid to read and start building! if they don't know what it is then have them choose another. Don't forget to put a time limit on this activity as it can last a long time.

Vault Door

Overseers office

Water Filtration

Atomic Reactor



Barracks (living Quarters)

Radio Room

Science Lab

Medical Lab

Weapons Locker

Storage Room

Step 3: Let Them Build

After the established time call a halt to the vault making madness. Its time to assemble your Vault! let the child of honor place the squares in the vault order and you are done! mission accomplished.

Step 4: Additional Ideas - Drinks

Its a Fallout Party! the game runs on bottle caps from Nuka Cola so soft drinks are a perfect idea

Step 5: Additional Ideas - Food

If you have not played the game this is a post apocalyptic world, dog food is considered a delicacy. Candy and snacks are what keep the game player going, Tomatoes and Carrots are part of the game if you want to find a way to get some veggies in.

Step 6: Additional Ideas - Cake

Cake decorations for Fallout are hard to find, if you have a friend with a 3d printer your options open up. PLA plastic is food safe and can be washed. This fallen paladin cake topper is 7 inches long and was a crowd pleaser. Candles were sparklers for reclamation day! the day the vault dwellers leave the vaults to explore the world.

Step 7: Additional Ideas - Party Favors

More with the lego theme, I printed Vault tec stash boxes, power armor, minigun, and chainsaw sword for each box. I bought lego minifigs from walmart to fill the armor. The finished result is a very nice gift.

Step 8: Additional Ideas - Stuff

If you have time add in some Fallout style stuff to have around the party.

Step 9: